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Let's Chat. 

Our 20 minute Health & Wellness Chat is a focused discussion to:

  • Help you establish your priorities. 

  • Collaborate on the design of your Health & Wellness Blueprint. 

  • Identify your unique health & wellness starting point. 

Let's Build.

We will build your Health & Wellness Blueprint along with a 12 week comprehensive program which includes:

  • Collaborative consultation to incorporate your past history, current challenges, and future goals into your Health & Wellness blueprint. 

  • 5 weeks of Wellness Coaching focusing on each aspect of your Health & Wellness Blueprint. 

  • A digital copy of your Health & Wellness Blueprint. 

  • 6 weeks of Health & Wellness coaching to bring all aspects of your Health & Wellness Blueprint together, with weekly check-ins and guided support. 

Let's Soar.

We will continue to build from your Health & Wellness Blueprint and work together to move beyond your foundation and take your health & wellness to new levels.  

  • Monthly collaborative connection calls to ensure we are working together to reach your goals. 

  • Weekly  check-in chats and guided support. 

  • Comprehensive Health & Wellness planning and ongoing coaching support in 8 week, 12 week, and 24 week increments. 

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